My back-to-work life spring-clean starts here

Gosh when I wrote in my opening post that I didn’t know when I’d find the time to write I didn’t expect to have a gap of seven weeks between posts! I just don’t know where the time goes? Well actually I do – trips to A&E, family bereavements and funerals and kids birthday parties galore are just some of the things that have happened over the last few weeks.

Quite what it will be like once I’m back at work is anyones guess. Maybe I’ll have to take a days annual leave to write my next blog post? Anyway I’m here now and all it’s taken is a double wisdom teeth extraction this morning to give me the chance to sit still, guilt free, for long enough to write a blog post. As long as the pain-killers continue to work I might even finish it.

Time is flying by at the moment and I now find myself with just under four weeks until I go back to work (eek – this definitely warrants a separate post). One of those weeks will be spent in the French countryside with the other-half, the girls and my in-laws on a much needed holiday. For the rest of the time I have the luxury of some me-time as both girls are now at nursery four days a week (sob/hooray – depending on my mood). The other-half has not stopped going on about my free-time, dishing out jobs he thinks I should be doing and complaining that he hasn’t had any free time to himself; but I deserve it. It’s been a hard year. I think of this as my annual leave entitlement from my ‘job’ as a stay-at-home-dad all rolled into one.

As tempting as it is to spend the whole time sitting on the sofa stuffing my face whilst watching Netflix box-sets, or just generally procrastinating and wasting my time on a whole host of useless activities (see previous blog post); I’ve actually decided to use this time to do a much needed spring-clean of my life. Yes yes, obviously I know it’s autumn, but it feels appropriate and timely to do something to mark my transition from stay-at-home-dad to full-time-(squashed into a four-day week) worker.

I’m going to focus on four key areas of my life – Home, Mind, Body and Soul – and I plan to make some hopefully simple but effective improvements to make coping with the busy juggling of family, work and personal-life that little bit easier. Hopefully this will all result in a happier, healthier, calmer and more fun me that will benefit the girls, the other half and myself. I live in hope anyway.

I’ve decided I’m going to a write a separate post for each different area, to keep each one a decent length and, if I’m being completely honest, to ensure that I’ve got four posts lined up to keep me motivated to blog even when I might struggle to find the time! Wish me luck.