Our children are meeting their other siblings for the first time

It doesn’t feel like we ever stand still at the moment. Having returned from our holiday on Monday afternoon, then started back at work for the first time in a year on Tuesday; tomorrow we are taking the the girls to meet their two older brothers (who have been adopted together by the same family) for the first time.

We met up with the boys adoptive parents a couple of months ago, I suppose with the idea that we’d suss each other out and check we were all normal before introducing our children. They are a lovely couple and we got on really well with them and were both keen for our children to have direct contact with each other. To be honest they had me once they suggested they open a bottle of champagne!

We did actually end up meeting the boys and they were adorable, so well-mannered and there was definitely something about them that reminded us of our girls. Hopefully ours will turn out similarly well-behaved! We shared lots of photos and stories about our experiences, the boys asked us a few questions, which to my surprise didn’t include ‘why do they girls have two dads’ (maybe they saved that one for their parents). We all agreed to meet again soon to introduce the girls.


Now that it’s approaching I am getting a bit nervous. I’m not sure what to expect to be honest. We’ve tried doing some very basic life-story work with the girls, mostly drawings with the girls of our little family and the boys with their parents and tried to explain that the boys are also a part of their family but it’s quite hard when they are both so young. They’ve not that long been used to the idea they themselves are sisters (they only met for the first time a year ago), let alone that they have these two older brothers that we’re only just mentioning.

We’re not sure how the boys, both at the older end of primary school age, will react to having two little sisters running around and probably attempting to climb all over them! Hopefully though it will be the start of a lifetime-lasting relationship. It’s really important to us for the girls to know who they are and where they’ve come from and knowing their older brothers is an important part of this.

Have you been in a similar situation? How has it all worked out? Any advice? Let me know in the comments.

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