Keep calm and carry on potty training

It’s the middle of summer and I return to work in 12 weeks time (eek), so now seems like as good a time as ever to start potty training with S my eldest, who is now two-and-a-half.

As with everything to do with parenting there is so much conflicting information out there about when to start potty training and how to go about it. My partner and I have changed our minds on numerous occasions about whether S is ready to be potty trained or not but from tomorrow we are giving it a go.

I’m not anticipating it’s going to be easy. In fact I think it’s going to be an absolute nightmare, partly because I know I’ll struggle to remain upbeat when there is a puddle of pee or a pile of poo on the floor and partly because my daughter is likely to be so distracted by the world around her that pausing for a second to realise she needs the toilet, or that she’s already been, is difficult for her. My youngest, M, on-the-other-hand, who has just turned 18 months, already proudly lets me know every time she does a poo and tells me to ‘change nappy’. I was tempted to just try potty training with both at the same time but quickly scrapped this idea when I found M with the potty on her head saying ‘pretty hat’. I think just getting one child trained at a time is plenty!

The plan is to go nappy free from tomorrow morning, letting S wear just a small pair of knickers (I have bought a 10 pack – I hope this is going to be enough), putting her on the toilet every half hour and just taking it from there really. I have a book of stickers ready as a reward for successes and plan to remain calm no matter what little surprises I might find around the house.

We can do this. I am writing this for myself more than anything else. At least we don’t have any carpets, so cleaning up any ‘spills’ should’t be too bad. I am just praying that we don’t have any accidents on the rugs or soft furnishings!

I am going to keep a diary of how it’s going, I’ll post up our progress later in the week. If you’ve already been through potty training let me know what worked for you in the comments. Wish us luck!


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4 thoughts on “Keep calm and carry on potty training”

  1. So how’s it going? We introduced potty training for our eldest a while ago, but we’ve currently on hiatus because, (a) she started to grow melancholy (if a 2.5 year old can be melancholy) at the prospect of using the potty or toilet because (we think) of the pressure she felt under to get it right, and (b) we have to drive to Edinburgh and back in September and I don’t fancy doing that without nappies, given we’re yet not out the other side of the training yet…

  2. Ha ha yes I imagine you’d want to be pretty confident before you attempt a long car journey without nappies!

    I’ll do a proper update shortly but at the moment we seem to be at something of a standoff regarding poos. We are currently on day three without one (she usually goes every day without fail) and I am considering getting some prune juice later this morning, to see if that helps. Although I am now too scared to leave the house for fear of the impending explosion that is now likely to come after such a long time!!!

    I think S might be holding it in so she doesn’t have to go, so we’ll have to tackle that somehow.

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